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Arabic (LIAB) Courses

First Year

Arabic Year 1 Courses: 1A and 1AX 1st Quarter, 1B and 1BX 2nd Quarter, 1C and 1CX 3rd Quarter

Second Year

Arabic Year 2 Courses: 1D and 1DX 4th Quarter, 1E and EX 5th Quarter, 1F 6th Quarter. The offering of 1F is dependent on student demand.

Third Year

Arabic Year 3 Course: 1G 7th Quarter. The offering of 1G is dependent on student demand.


The Conversation and Analysis sections are two halves of one course and need to be taken together.
Both are designed to immerse you in the language and give you a practical ability as quickly as possible.

Conversation Sections (1A, 1B, 1C, 1D, 1E/F)

Conversation (MWF) classes focus on vocabulary development, cultural knowledge, and spoken Arabic.

Analysis Sections (1AX, 1BX, 1CX, 1DX, 1EX)

Analysis (TuTh) classes focus on listening, reading, and learning how to analyze the language and the culture. This class teaches formal Arabic.

 Academic Calendar

Arabic Calendar: Fall Quarter LIAB 1A and 1AX, and 1D and 1DX are offered. Winter Quarter LIAB 1B and 1BX, 1C and 1CX, 1E and 1EX, and 1G are offered. Spring Quarter LIAB 1C and 1CX and 1F are offered. The offering of 1F and 1G is dependent on student demand.

Advanced Study