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Heritage Cantonese

Why Heritage Cantonese?

thumbnail image of the Cantonese flyer for Fall 2021If you can speak and comprehend Cantonese with your family and community, this language course is for you! You will improve your reading and writing skills, your communicative and sociocultural competence, and your analytic understanding of the language.



Prospective Students

  • There is one Heritage Cantonese course offered (LIHL 118).
  • The course is 4 units of upper division credit.


Can LIHL Cantonese courses count for majors, minors, GEs or language requirements?

  • Any LIHL course will satisfy the language requirement for majors (e.g. Linguistics, International Studies) or colleges (ERC, Revelle)
  • Language courses can fulfill GE requirements in Muir, Marshall, Sixth and Warren - check colleges for details

LIHL 118 - Linguistics/Cantonese for Cantonese Speakers

For students who already comprehend informal spoken Cantonese but wish to improve their communicative and sociocultural competence and their analytic understanding. Language functions for oral communication, reading, writing, and culture; dialect and language style differences; structure and history of Cantonese. Some speaking ability in Cantonese recommended and some understanding of Chinese reading and writing. At the end of the course, students will be able to read and write some standard written Chinese, and speak and listen to Cantonese dialect. Prerequisites: upper-division standing or consent of instructor; appropriate proficiency for level.

Cantonese Instructor

Areana Chen, Heritage Cantonese Lecturer

Office Hours are currently being held on Zoom. See Canvas for specifics.


View Sample Course Syllabi (PDF):

  • LIHL 118

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Contact Us

Rachel Pekras, Language Program Coordinator & Advisor
(858) 822-2711

Elham Sadegholvad, Heritage Language Program Academic Coordinator